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Cruise Liners, Passenger Ferries, Yachts, Fishing, Commercial Shipping services

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KU Satellite Connectivity, GSM over Wi-Fi, Portabile & Streaming In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Aviation Solutions

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Off-shore/On-Shore Communication services, Support Vessels & Mining services

Energy Solutions

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Remote Locations

Communication solutions specifically geared towards remote & harsh locations

Remote Location Solutions

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We at WINS we do not just provide Global Satellite Communications, we provide you with peace of mind when making use of our services in any environment or far-flung place.

It is nowadays taken for granted how easy it is to stay in touch in major cities. However, outside traditional terrestrial network coverage, we go more than the extra mile to supply you with a seamless and reliable global satellite telecommunication service. So whether you are cruising the oceans, trekking across the savannahs, going up a mountainous range or flying in an aircraft – we can keep you connected at all times. Our proven track record and our highly experienced and talented staff complement the latest in technology.

We provide the platform for an efficient and effective communication suite of services for passenger ferries, cruise ships, cargo vessels, offshore platforms, and private and commercial aircrafts. We also provide communication services to remote areas, which lack regular terrestrial network coverage.

You, your staff and your clients need only the best and we at WINS assure you of clear and crisp world class reliable communications all over the globe.

WINS, for communication that reaches all areas, at all times.

Keeping the maritime world connected with Global KU band and Regional KA band satellite capacity, GSM, Wi-Fi, VPN’s and other services.
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Wherever the location and no matter how remote the operation, WINS has an effective solution.
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Leading edge in-flight entertainment systems, GSM over Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions.
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Communication services supporting the energy (onshore/offshore) industry, offshore support vessels and mining.
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Why Choose Us

  • Over 10 years in the global telecommunications and networking industries
  • Powerful partnerships with major players in the communications field
  • 24/7 Technical sales support in Malta, Italy and Germany
  • Optimal transmissions delivering an efficient and universal service
  • Vast portfolio of solutions to a wide variety of industries


We are dedicated to maintain our clients’ trust by offering reliable service and support.

Wi-Fi and data services have become a central part of daily life, and even travelling no longer means being cut off from the outside world till you reach your destination.
Over the years, Grimaldi has worked closely with WINS in order to bring our passengers closer to home while travelling, by installing WINS’ Wi-Fi and GSM services on a number of our vessels.
The WINS team has always provided us with compelling service and a high level of support and technical know-how.
Antonio Lezzi - Buyer, Grimaldi Lines
WINS provides Wi-Fi, GSM and ship-to-shore communications services which contribute towards enhancing the success of MOBY’s business.
Our passengers and crew are provided with seamless connectivity, improving both passenger experience and crew morale.
The stable and cost-effective satellite solutions provided by WINS are a vital link that has increased our operational efficiency, ensuring that our offshore to onshore office relationship is always consistent.
Giovanni Savarese - CIO, MOBY Lines
Tirrenia has been using the GSM services provided by WINS Systems since 2013. During this time, we have relied on the expertise and state-of-the-art technology provided by WINS, to ensure fast, easy connectivity for our passengers and crew.
Over the years, we have developed a mutually satisfactory business relationship with WINS. This has enabled us to provide better customer experience on board.
Paolo Cozzi - CIO, Tirrenia Lines
Our journey with WINS started 10 years ago and we haven’t looked back since. Their reliable specialists guide us when needed, meet deadlines and come up with the best services that suit our range of requirements in a professional and flexible manner. They provide exceptional value added services including round the clock support which has proven to be key to our day-to-day running of GNV.
We recommend the services offered by WINS and believe that they will continue to provide us with innovative technology and quality service for many years to come.
Paolo Beatini - CIO, Grandi Navi Veloci

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