WINS Aviation offers a full suite of satellite connectivity options and in-flight entertainment systems.

Together with the satellite business partnerships that WINS has with leading operators, makes WINS a leading supplier in satellite communication in the maritime and aviation fields.

In aviation, WINS truly offers the best for its clients at the most advantageous rates. Passengers on both private and commercial aircrafts can remain in contact through internet, e-mail and VoIP communications.

GSM over Wi-Fi also enables phone services such as voice and SMS, entertainment through video on demand, and web browsing while flying.

Revenue generating models at a glance


Industry standard for connectivity (KU) (c.500 commercial a/c installed), superior user experience (Ku/Ka), five- to seven-day aircraft installation and downtime, global connectivity over land and sea offering multiple revenue streams.

Installed In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Lowest cost and lightest weight solution, value-added services, interior aircraft installation or downtime, eEnablement pathway (common components), near-time (3G on-ground) connectivity for initial deployments.

Portable In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Lower cost closed network, no major aircraft installation or downtime, ready to deploy in 12 weeks, enhanced customer in-flight experience, 16-hour battery life, advertising and ancillary revenue streams.

GSM over Wi-Fi

Leading edge development delivering cost-effective subscription-based voice (inbound and outbound) and SMS messages to passengers. No premium roaming rates

Tailor-made solutions and investment options

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WINS Aviation packages 

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