WINS Limited, a leader in the field of satellite telecommunications, is a joint venture between Eutelsat SR and MaltaSat International.

Strategically located in Malta, right at the crossroads where the continents of Europe and Africa meet, WINS has been in operation for the last 10 years connecting organisations all over the world.

Eutelsat is one of the world’s leading satellite operators with over 30 years of experience and a global reach that covers all regions including most of the remotest areas. Promising to go above and beyond, this is exactly what Eutelsat does all the time. Through the Eutelsat connection, WINS offers a service which is hard to beat in terrestrial communication.

The other shareholder in WINS is MaltaSat International. Forming part of Techinvest, the Group offers a complete range of IT, telecommunications and business solutions for businesses worldwide. DH-INTERCOM is a WINS subsidiary that offers the GalaxSEA solution. DH-INTERCOM brought with it over 20 years of experience in its communication field.

Backed by these two leading shareholders, WINS has throughout its 10 years of operation increased its services offered and now caters for various industries especially in the maritime, offshore and aviation sectors. The company covers most areas around the globe and offers a flexible solution to any telecommunication problem anywhere.

The company brings together an excellent team of experts in their field. These experts have long years of experience and are regularly trained in the latest advances in the telecommunication technology.

WINS offers a winning solution with reliable but simple communications systems accessed anywhere and at any time.

Based in Malta and with 24/7 technical sales support in Italy, Germany and Malta, WINS adds value and streamlined profitability to all its clients. It is further partnered, or works in close collaboration, with the leading telecommunications companies worldwide.

Whether in central cities or deep in any forest, jungle or far out at sea, all outposts need to be reachable and must be able to communicate with the world. This is what WINS does in a seamless manner: it connects everyone to anyone.