WINS offers reliability when it is most needed and where it is not normally available. This needs experience, superior support and flexibility. And this is exactly what WINS offers.

Having been in the business for over 10 years, WINS has valuable experience in servicing top companies throughout the globe and keeping them constantly connected. Its vast experience in the global telecommunications and networking industries give it the edge over all its competitors.

Ever since it started operating, WINS has built very strong partnerships with major players in the communications field.

The WINS solutions offer a global footprint that assures accessibility at all times and from anywhere in the world. The solutions offered are vast, cost-effective and individually suited to all customers in various industries.

The communications systems offered are reliable and can be accessed anywhere at any time. Effective communication solutions are available to clients in remote areas enabling people and company personnel to stay in touch in real time.

The data services offered are all high speed using only the latest technology. WINS also offers constant monitoring of all systems, with immediate upgrades whenever the technology advances.

WINS: your effective communications partner.


Full Support &
Global Connectivity

Over 10 years in the global telecommunications
& networking industries

Powerful partnerships with major players
in the communications field

Global footprint resulting in accessibility
at all times

Vast portfolio of solutions
to a wide variety of industries

Reliable, simple communications systems
accessed anywhere & at any time

Effective communication solutions to remote areas,
enabling people & companies to stay in touch

Complete communication solutions
tailored to suit different customer needs

High speed data service

Optimal transmissions
delivering an efficient & universal service

Technology agnostic;
allowing interoperability among systems

24/7 Technical Sales support in Malta, Italy and Germany, adding value and giving customers accessibility through continuous communication