Offshore oil and gas drilling is a sector that depends on immediate and dependable communication. This is exactly what WINS offers anywhere in the world.

WINS understands the critical role that communications play within this industry and supports fully dependent remote terminals, high availability and network security as demanded by customer needs.

Satellite communication backed by a company that has been expertly delivering solutions to a vast number of companies is ideal in the oil and gas field. Communication by satellite is fast, secure, simple to use and capable of moving huge amounts of data in real time.

WINS is the best telecommunication partner wherever you are located in the world. Data can be communicated and processed in a fast manner giving all the stakeholders involved added reliability and efficiency.

Thanks to efficient communication capabilities, crew members will feel more comfortable and perform better. Communication through phone, SMS and e-mail can continue regularly giving perfect connectivity to all involved in the operation.

More real time communication means better results for all concerned.


Ferries and yachts require a good communications system. WINS is partnered with one of the leading satellite companies in the world which uses the latest Ku and Ka VSAT technology to ensure global connectivity.

Backed by an experienced and dedicated team, the WINS system for yachts and ferries is a reliable way to keep in touch, whatever the place, whatever the conditions.


Fast and effective communication adds dependability to any shipping line. WINS is the answer to all communication anywhere. Ships plying any sea can be assured of communication between the ship and the world. Crew members can connect to the operational base and to anyone in the world via e-mail, phone, and SMS in real time.

DH-INTERCOM, a subsidiary company of WINS, helps give commercial shipping lines a wider range of services to keep a whole fleet connected.