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The WINS global presence is backed by access to more than 50 satellite beams with the most extensive C- and Ku-band coverage and regional Ka-Band coverage:

  • Ku band operates with a smaller satellite dish antenna and less expensive equipment. This makes it most affordable and attractive as an option. Through the global Ku-band coverage, WINS can offer worldwide coverage for the maritime industry. Changes between coverage areas are closely monitored and managed via NOC in collaboration with WINS partners and without any need for on-board intervention by the crew.
  • C-band satellite service operates at a much lower frequency and therefore covers a wider area. As the C-band has a relatively larger dish antenna diameter, it is very dependable and is less susceptible to weather-related service outages.
  • Ka-band operates on higher frequencies (30GHz uplink and ~20GHz downlink) offering larger bandwidth capabilities through the 1GHz per orbital slot applied by the ITU. The slot beam technology implemented in the KA Band allows extensive frequency reuse in any desired area, reducing the overall cost of the allocated frequency spectrum. This implementation, together with advanced transmission technology, offers up to 10 and 100 times greater throughput. This provides higher bandwidth with higher peak data speeds.

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