Cost-effective GSM over Wi-Fi.

WINS is currently developing an innovative and cost-effective solution to carry
GSM traffic using the Wi-Fi infrastructure on-board an aircraft.

The benefits of this WINS solution are ample and will make communication on-board much simpler. Passengers will be able to send, and receive, low-cost mobile voice and text messages during the flight. Usage of passengers’ own phone and own phone number will facilitate all calls and texting.

The WINS solution for aviation will not need any CAPEX investment. Certification is not necessary and so delays are avoided. Also, no hardware needs to be installed on the airline which eliminates servicing costs.

This solution will only require a downloadable mobile phone app (iOS or Android). This app can then be integrated into the airline customer mobile app for seamless download. Passenger billing will  be affected on a low-cost monthly subscription eliminating any premium roaming charges.

All billing will be done directly via the app stores making the service seamless, simple and effective.