WINS offers in-flight solutions that are beneficial to both passengers and operators.

For passengers, streaming data and entertainment directly to their mobile devices offers a wealth of benefits. The WINS system uses a Hollywood-approved DRM with an extensive content library.

The WINS system also offers added value to operating airlines. There is an unlimited range of products that can be streamlined with the system offering many revenue streams including pay-to-view ones.

The WINS system complements any on-board retail offering and can be aligned to any advertising slots for the airlines’ global branding partners which will generate revenue for the airlines. The WINS system is fully compatible with destination management sales and services.

This solution offers various options including airline-friendly business models with hardware leasing and revenue-sharing options. Airline pricing can be set at the required levels to protect passengers. There are also leasing options which can provide the airlines with substantial cash-flow possibilities.

Clients using these WINS systems can have branded portals providing a continuous and streamlined look and feel. This gives airlines the added advantage of enhancing brand awareness and modes of communication. These portals can easily be customised to suit airlines’ passengers’ demographics.

All WINS options available can be upgraded to full connectivity.