The WINS on-board maritime GSM solution uses the latest technology to provide easy connectivity to all users. WINS offers hundreds of roaming agreements covering voice, SMS, GPRS services for both prepaid and postpaid international customers. This provides a reliable solution for customers who, while on board a vessel, can use their mobile device normally from anywhere.

Using their mobile phone passengers and crew can easily connect to the network without the need of added software or hardware. A mobile phone user will be presented with the maritime network name, giving an identical roaming experience offered terrestrially. Users will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS text messages, and can also e-mail and download or use internet data services via GPRS/EDGE. Users will benefit from real time communications and remain in touch with their families, work and friends seamlessly.

The on-board base station is a discreet IP-based unit with a low form factor. It is also optimised for satellite communications, making the most efficient use of the bandwidth available. Base stations can be used as stand-alone units using their in-built antennas to cover the key areas. In such cases multiple units are installed to ensure complete coverage. Alternatively, a Distributed Antenna System can be installed to extend coverage to all areas of the ship. Passengers can use their mobile phones from their cabins in total privacy.

WINS has a team of highly qualified installers in various countries who can install the systems within the shortest lead times. Using a continuous GPS feed, the WINS system automatically activates the service when the vessel is beyond territorial waters, according to internationally recognised directives.

GSM systems are continuously monitored and maintained remotely to ensure maximum up-time by the WINS 24/7 support team. WINS provides full installation support, technical advice and quick response time to minimise any communications downtime.


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