In today’s world, staying connected anytime and anywhere is essential for business and pleasure.

Cruise line passengers demand good quality voice and data services wherever they are. Internet services, messaging, phone and e-mail have to be readily available and reliable.

WINS offers a superior service connecting customers at all times to anywhere in the world. It also gives the operator the opportunity to generate revenue and conduct effective marketing.

  • Cruise liner crews using WINS are assured of secure and reliable connectivity, including with the ship’s operations centres.


Ferries require a good communication system. WINS is partnered with one of the leading satellite companies of the world using the latest Ku and Ka VSAT technology to ensure global connectivity.

Backed by an experienced team, the WINS system for ferries is the most reliable way to keep in touch, anywhere and in all conditions.


Whatever the size and wherever it sails, a yacht needs reliable satellite communications. WINS is the ideal partner assuring all yacht owners, their crew and guests that they can depend on all the communications tools we’re used to on land, including e-mail, texting, internet browsing and phone.

WINS makes use of the latest Ku and Ka VSAT technology to ensure global connectivity anywhere and in all conditions.

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Fast and effective communication adds dependability to shipping lines. WINS is the answer to all communication anywhere. Ships plying any seas can be assured of communication between the ship and the outside world. Crew members can connect with ease and consistency to the operational base in real time.

  • DH-INTERCOM, a subsidiary company of WINS, helps give commercial shipping lines a wider range of services to keep a whole fleet connected.


Operational efficiency is one of the most important aspects of running any organisation profitably. A solitary fishing vessel or a fishing fleet all require good communication systems. WINS provides a solution for all needs with specially designed packages to ensure connectivity anywhere.

In today’s world, fishing vessels go to the most distant seas. This is where reliability is most important. On-board communication to anywhere is guaranteed at all times via phone, e-mail or SMS.