Since time immemorial, communication and the means to communicate have played a pivotal part in the progress of humanity. Today, more than ever, people travel further and more often. And people now expect to be connected anywhere and anytime. They are also more dependent on technology to communicate with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and employers. Therefore effective and constant communication via phone, internet and e-mail is not a luxury but a daily need.

Smartphones, tablets and smart televisions are found in most homes. A new generation of travellers and offshore workers, who own smart devices even at a very young age, don’t want to see any reduction in the standard and quality of communication and internet access they enjoy on land and in close proximity to broadband connectivity. This need has pushed satellite technology to increase its offering and its reach.

Thanks to the huge technological advancements in satellite connectivity, the user experience of land-based broadband systems can now be replicated even when users are offshore, on board vessels, in airborne aircrafts or in remote locations.

With the modern satellite systems available, WINS can easily provide a system for its customers, whether they are on land, sea or flying. Satellite connectivity is not enough on its own. Crew, passengers, operations teams all need connectivity and a medium to communicate.

On-board internet access provides this medium. Operational teams can communicate with crew and vice-versa. Passengers can call their loved ones, surf the internet, download media files, and send and receive emails even when they are thousands of kilometers away.

WINS is one of the few independent airtime providers that takes advantage of a widespread international network of different partners and offers an extensive overall product portfolio.

The WINS portfolio includes various types of airtime models and Wi-Fi (or networked) internet access on-board, ranging from standard pay-per-use and regular prepaid solutions to tailor-made airtime packages. The WINS options can even include the hardware and its deployment.

There are various possibilities to optimise any client’s airtime costs. For crew, passengers and even management and operation teams, the following can be made available:


  • Fully managed and configurable internet flat-rate and airtime solutions based on VSAT technology whether utilising Ka, Ku or C-band
  • Global or regional coverage depending on customer requirements
  • Fixed or variable bandwidth pools guaranteeing additional flexibility
  • Pre-paid internet connectivity
  • Internet cafe
  • Segmented internet connectivity based on policies
  • Content filtering, anti-virus, VPN and other safeguards
  • Wi-Fi and intranet connectivity for vessels and on board vessels without utilising broadband bandwidth
  • VoIP connectivity over the internet.


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