WINS is a leader in integrating Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) systems for the aviation industry with a vision based on customer satisfaction anywhere and at all times.

For WINS, finding the right solution for all its customers is vital. These solutions have to fit customers’ specific needs at any given time and have to be scalable so that clients can upgrade or downgrade according to their requirements and to data demands.

WINS solutions are dependable, flexible and offered in various packages to suit clients’ needs. By using different satellite operators, teleports and technologies, WINS is in a position to align all its solutions to clients’ needs.

The WINS VSAT systems provide reliable, high speed, broadband satellite communication for internet or private network communications on a global and regional basis. VSAT technology is ideal for aviation or any application that requires broadband internet connection in a remote, difficult-to-reach location.

WINS provides its clients with innovative solutions to keep in touch even in the most remote locations. Employees can communicate from anywhere using internet connectivity for e-mail, web browsing, video transmissions, VoIP telephony services, as well as other IP applications for all field operations.

VSAT technology helps expedite business processes by integrating field operations seamlessly with any corporate wide area network.